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30 EUR of 10000 EUR raised
9970 EUR to go
Your donation will: Assist to enhance the livelihood of marginalize Nepalese Communities through Entrepreneurship Development Programs
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Nabin, 19.06.2012
Dear sir/Madam we request you to initiate this program in our community. I am Nabin Dhal from Jhapa, Our communities have lots of Handicraft skill, but we are not being to explore it due to lack of any assistance from concern authority and unable to reach market. please mail us , if there is any possibilities
hello@ charity Factors Nepal, 19.06.2012
Why dont you guys apply for funding process. go through
Charity Factors Nepal (CFN), 16.06.2012
I love this cause. At present , entrepreneurship development is the best way to reduce poverty. i am 12 years old student from USA.
Raj, 17.06.2012
Nice initiation
Suraj, 20.06.2012
Hello @ Charity Factors Nepal, why you guys are not able to raise fund. where do i contact if i want to donate my one hour income. i have sent you email in your offical address please find it
Prof KKPande, 24.06.2012
Nice initiative and I am sure you can get the support from various organization to help start the target that you have.
Prof KKPande, 24.06.2012
Nice initiative and I am sure you can get the support from various organization to help start the target that you have.
Santosh, 22.06.2012
I would like to request CFN, to initiate "Skill into Enterprise Program" in our community too. Our community have wooden handicraft Skill, we can produce distinct design of wooden art, It would be very grateful if Charity Factors Nepal effort in our community.
Kate Inrei Woodhouse, 17.07.2012
Dear Charity Factors Nepal I was delighted to have your message via LinkedIn. Our work is to support artists for global development, so we'd be honoured to support your enterprise. If it works well - and it looks excellent - we can perhaps use your ideas to help Santosh and Nabin project. Then we could have a LinkedIn group of craftworker projects, sharing best ideas. I'll get in touch via LinkedIn. May we be well and joyful - Kate Inrei Woodhouse

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 Skill into Enterprise Program (Mission, Vision and Approach)

This program aims to enhance the livelihood of marginalize Nepalese communities through entrepreneurship development. To meet this vision our mission will be to grow communities’ skills into enterprise and assist them for sustainability. Our approach will be participatory, and will work in line of good governance goals.


1. Identify communities’ Skills.

2. Provide training to enhance their skills.

3. Selection of 200 entrepreneur.

4. Invest, support or guide selected entrepreneurs to grow their skills into enterprise.

5. Strengthen entrepreneurs to find their target market.  

6. Micro finance program 


1. Enterprisewill be developed and job will be created.

2. Livelihood of the people will be enhanced.

3. Art and skills will be preserved.

4. Local level economy will be growth.


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